Monday, October 11, 2010

Thanksgiving Abroad & Pictures Link

I will start this post by apologizing first for not being able to post pictures on the Blog I have added a few to facebook and anyone even if you are not on facebook can view them here Tenwek Pictures. I am hoping I will be able to get the internet working better soon, and be able to add more pictures. Second I apologize for my poor spelling and grammar in the previous posts, I can and will try to do better.
Today as most of you know is Canadian Thanksgiving. My thanksgivings growing up were probably different than most peoples. Sunday we would usually have a family from church over and a good meal of Lasagna. For Thanksgiving Day my Dad and brothers were out in the field harvesting sugar beets. So after church on monday Mom and I would stop at KFC and buy a really big bucket of chicken, drive to the field and hand out chicken to all the workers, that was my thanksgiving day. When I moved to Edmonton things were different my friends would not let me go to KFC and I was invited over for wonderful turkey dinners. Now that I am at Tenwek I faced a problem first no KFC and second no friends having big turkey dinners (I will have to wait until American thanksgiving). Due to this I made my own thanksgiving, cooked some chicken, potatos, and carrot cake and than it was time to find some people to enjoy it with. My roommate was an automatic in (despite being from Tennessee), I heard that the mom of the family below us was born in Canada (also southern Albertan with dutch parents) so with her family and 2 kids that made a few more. I also met a physician assistant student who was from Vancouver. So the 7 of us had a great time together.

Being thanksgiving I think it is apropriate that I create a list of things I am thankfull for, so in no particular order here it is:
  • Salvation through Christ
  • Friends both old and new
  • Family - who is always there for you even when you are at the other side of the world (thanks for the last minute recipe - the chicken turned out great)
  • chocolate
  • Technology that allows me to communicate with family and friends including poor internet and especially cell phones that allow me to phone home cheaper than I did before (thanks for the unlocked phone S.)
  • Good health
  • beautiful weather (I here it is nice back home as well)
Well I should go on but I am getting tired so I am also thankful for hot showers, a comfortable bed and a mosquito net.

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