Thursday, September 30, 2010

Good-bye England

Today is my last day in England as tomorrow I wake up early to get on my flight at 10:00. Getting up early should not be to hard since I have been up between 6:30 and 7:00 all week, that is a downfall to sharing a hostel room with 8 girls. Other than being awoken early the hostel is fine, they give me a great breakfast every morning wich includes an apple or other type of fruit this is great as I put it in my purse for snack. I have been busy the last few days and if i had a pedometer i think i would have wore it out allready. I walk everywhere (most of the times the long route b/c I have no sense of direction. I have now seen Buckingham palace and the changing of the guard (too many people to see much), the houses of parliment, British museum (its huge I only saw the 1st half I think I may go see the 2nd half this evening) covent garden where a clown rode an 8 foot unicycle, Westminster Abby wich is beautifull but kind of creepy due to the amount of bodies buried there (even if they were kings). Today the sun was shining - wich I did not think happened here and I took the tube and the train to Windsor Castle, it was great to be able to escape the big city. Windso castle is amazing I was able to see sopme of the inside as well the kings closet is as big as my old bedroom (the old one that I shared with Elly/mom's Office). I may be able to post some pictures tonight or hopefully when I get to Kenya when the real adventure begins.One thing I find very interesting is the sounds of London when I am up and walking to oxford circus in the morning there are few cars on the road but so many people thay you hear a steady clop of shos I think it is neat. I hope all is going well out west.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Losing pounds in London

I arrived in London yesterday, took it easy and went to bed early. This morning I got a ealy start and started touring i spent some time at St Pauls Cathedral and climbed some windy staircases to the top of the dome. The Cathedral is beautiful inside and out with mosiacs and paintings throughtout the place. From then I went on to London Dungeon I was expectina a real dungeon but instead It was a horror house with live actors telling some of Londons history the great fire. Bloody Mary, Jack the Ripper and so on. It was still interesting from than I went to the Tower Bridge and the London Tower. At the london Tower I was able to see some history as well as the crown jewels and armoury, my favourite was the pile of diamonds from one of the crowns. After that I took the boat on the Thames and walked along oxford street. There are so many people on Oxford street i don't know where they all come from. A busy day with lots seen. Tomorrow I hope to see buckingham palace as well as some more history. I will also venture onto the tubes (today I was on a tour hop on hop off bus). I don't know when I will post next. I am spending my evenings in the hostel so I have the time it just depends on how many more pounds i wish to lose on the internet.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Almost There

I am sitting in the Calgary Airport (they have free Wi-Fi :)) waiting for my plane to take me off to London. Hopefully the plane is not to full and that I will be able to sleep. It has been a busy last couple of weeks I moved out of my apartment the end of August and have been living with friends (thanks to you all.)  and visiting family. I also packed and unpacked my suitcases numerous times and just ended throwing it all in the end.  British Airways allows me to take 3 bag which allowed me to bring some medical supplies - this is wonderful a Bi-level machine was donated as well as lots of masks (thanks Respironics, Medigas, Vitalaire, Respiratory Home Care Solutions, and Chinook Respiratory Care). I may have some fun unpacking when I get to Kenya.
These past few weeks have also been filled with many good-bye's, I am so glad I was able to see so many of you before I left and I am sorry to those that I missed. I will hopefully be able to share a quick update from London and than in Kenya I here I will have a poor to mediocre internet connection so I will do my best to keep you all updated.