Thursday, September 30, 2010

Good-bye England

Today is my last day in England as tomorrow I wake up early to get on my flight at 10:00. Getting up early should not be to hard since I have been up between 6:30 and 7:00 all week, that is a downfall to sharing a hostel room with 8 girls. Other than being awoken early the hostel is fine, they give me a great breakfast every morning wich includes an apple or other type of fruit this is great as I put it in my purse for snack. I have been busy the last few days and if i had a pedometer i think i would have wore it out allready. I walk everywhere (most of the times the long route b/c I have no sense of direction. I have now seen Buckingham palace and the changing of the guard (too many people to see much), the houses of parliment, British museum (its huge I only saw the 1st half I think I may go see the 2nd half this evening) covent garden where a clown rode an 8 foot unicycle, Westminster Abby wich is beautifull but kind of creepy due to the amount of bodies buried there (even if they were kings). Today the sun was shining - wich I did not think happened here and I took the tube and the train to Windsor Castle, it was great to be able to escape the big city. Windso castle is amazing I was able to see sopme of the inside as well the kings closet is as big as my old bedroom (the old one that I shared with Elly/mom's Office). I may be able to post some pictures tonight or hopefully when I get to Kenya when the real adventure begins.One thing I find very interesting is the sounds of London when I am up and walking to oxford circus in the morning there are few cars on the road but so many people thay you hear a steady clop of shos I think it is neat. I hope all is going well out west.

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  1. Yay, another family blog! I am so glad you are keeping an online journal. We look forward to your stories. Travel safely. Make sure you sleep - that will help everything seem balanced. I remember that advice from Opa. spot