Saturday, September 25, 2010

Almost There

I am sitting in the Calgary Airport (they have free Wi-Fi :)) waiting for my plane to take me off to London. Hopefully the plane is not to full and that I will be able to sleep. It has been a busy last couple of weeks I moved out of my apartment the end of August and have been living with friends (thanks to you all.)  and visiting family. I also packed and unpacked my suitcases numerous times and just ended throwing it all in the end.  British Airways allows me to take 3 bag which allowed me to bring some medical supplies - this is wonderful a Bi-level machine was donated as well as lots of masks (thanks Respironics, Medigas, Vitalaire, Respiratory Home Care Solutions, and Chinook Respiratory Care). I may have some fun unpacking when I get to Kenya.
These past few weeks have also been filled with many good-bye's, I am so glad I was able to see so many of you before I left and I am sorry to those that I missed. I will hopefully be able to share a quick update from London and than in Kenya I here I will have a poor to mediocre internet connection so I will do my best to keep you all updated.

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