Friday, August 20, 2010

Everything has come together

This is the first post of my Blog. I have never blogged before so here's a go for it. As most of you know I will be going to kenya for 6 months to volunteer at a christian mission hospital, I am leaving the end of September. I will work as a Respiratoy Therapist there, probably the only RT in Africa (if you are an RT in Africa let me know). My acceptance from World Gospel Mission (WGM) came last week and since than my leave of absence from work has been approved, I have gotten a lot of immunizations, my flights have been booked, and I am working on moving out of my apartment. Plenty has happened and will continue to happen but I am thankful that everything is coming together. This is a list of everything I am thankful for today;
  • A friend from work is allowing me to store all my stuff at her place.
  • My flights are reasonably priced and I am able to spend a few days in London with a friend.
  • My leave of absence has been approved meaning I have a full time position at the hospital to come back to.
  • My last day of work is September 23, and at this point I only have 11 shifts left, I love my job and co-workers but...
  • Car insurance is going to pay out my claim from April (they originally were not going to, but changed their mind with out any hassling from me) providing me with more money for my trip and return.
  • Mom and Dad are driving all the way up to Edmonton to help me move.
So much to be thankfull for. I intend on posting on this Blog regularly and keep you all updated.


  1. Wishing you all the best luck while you are in Kenya. Amazing adventures await you :)xoxo Shawna

  2. Thanks Shawna, Congrats on being the 1st follower of my blog, Annette

  3. Annette, I will be looking forward to seeing this blog and sharing in your experiences!