Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Turi, Missionary kids and Family #3

I am writing this after a few days away. It was the annual meeting of WGM (the mission organization I am with). Therefore all the WGM staff took off for a few days in order to get things done away from the busyness of the hospital. This is also a time that the WGM family celebrates Christmas, I have found it hard to get into the spirit as the weather is warm and the grass is green but the Sunday before I left this is what I saw outside my living room window
What is that white stuff I see falling?

Yes white stuff except it is hail not snow.
A little hail to get me in the Christmas mood. Monday morning we took off for the 2-3 hour drive to St Andrews School, Turi, a British style boarding school. A great place with lots of room for everyone.
The Dorm where I stayed.

Horses and beautiful blue sky
As I am only here short term the business meetings do not pertain to me very much, however it was very important that I as well as the other short termers (short term meaning less than a year) came along. So important that we did not even have to pay (like the other missionaries) for our stay. Our job was keep an eye on the children. This was a lot of fun I was responsible for four kids ages 9-11 (I think) and we were busy. Played a game of capture the flag with the youth, played random tag like games, ziplined, ran on the jungle gym and were in the pool for 2-3 hours. I do not have any pictures of the fun, I was too busy having fun. I got a great sunburn - despite putting on sunscreen in the morning and after lunch - I am thinking it will fade to a tan and not peel. This is what happens when you are at 8000ft and almost on the equator. Living on the equator does not mean it is 30+ degrees all the time. Actually those inside for the business meeting were wearing sweaters (no AC either) the elevation makes it cool. This is great for playing outside however it does make you have to pause to catch your breath sooner - that's my excuse anyway.

At one point during the day I spent some time with 2 MK (missionary kids)  girls both four years old and it was interesting to watch them play. They decided to play house help, something I have never seen little girls play back home, but they had fun and made me some tasty pizza and mud pies, all in the sandbox.
Tenwek is a large mission compound with many missionaries this is neat as it allows the MK's to make other MK friends. They are a great group of kids. Most of the highschoolers go to RVA a Christian boarding school just a few hours drive from here. The other kids are homeschooled, however, there are a few kids in grade eight so they have class together were one mom teaches english, another art, etc. I think it is so neat, the other kids are taught at home by their Moms (or Dad) but get together  for a regular PE class. I think it is wonderful that they are able to get together with their peers. They also have a band class and they performed for us at our Christmas Party held at Turi boarding school. Smaller than other bands I have seen three trumpets, a flute, a clarinet and the drum. The drummer forgot his drumstick so some tree sticks did the job.We also had a lovely recorder concert as well as action songs, and a hilarious play done by the youth. These kids don't have regular assemblies at school like I did growing up, it was neat to watch them all perform.
The Christmas Program was enjoyable. Many of the missionaries are wonderful singers and I heard a beautiful quartet. After the program was a gift exchange for the kids. Santa Claus came out and handed out the presents that the kids bought for each other.

He was to big to sit on Santa's lap

After presents we had a turkey dinner cooked by the chef at the boarding school and then quickly packed up and headed off. The initial plan was to linger and enjoy some free time at Turi however some of you may remember that back in 2008 there was violence after the election. Wednesday was the day that they announced those whom they intend to prosecute. As there was some fear that this may cause some further violence we all wanted to be home well before dark. We all made it home safe, and in my understanding there has been no violence since the anouncement (however I have no TV or radio so news is rare). Through out the ride we did see a few more police checks than normal and when I arrived back at Tenwek I saw a soldier riding on the back of a Piki Piki (motor bike) with gun in his hands, but all is good.

The big vehicles to get us and all our stuff home, most of the vehicles are 4 wheel drive necessary for some of the roads

All gathered together and having some fun I reflected on Chrismas past (sounds like a line from a movie) and thought I have spent Christmas with my own family but also with my Edmonton family the P's and now here is another family to spend Christmas with. It is neat how I have so many families. For Tenwek is a family for everyone here. Other missionaries are aunt and uncles to the MKs and I feel like there is always someone to visit.
My friend Heather and me.
Tonight is the hospital Christmas party, I am wondering if we will have goat. I guess I shall see. I may have to blog again soon to let you all know. For all of you medical people reading this and others thinking these last few posts Annette has not written anything about the excitement at the hospital - is she still working? The answer is yes. The Hospital is still busy. Things here have become more routine; I am busy making an asthma education video, preparing lectures for the nurses and helping out wherever I can. 


  1. i don't know how you find the energy to do all that you do! merry xmas!

  2. My kids go to school in St Andrews Turi and it was a pleasure to read this. You look like you enjoyed your time at our lovely school. Well done on all the good you are doing, God bless you and yours. Safe travels always