Sunday, April 10, 2011

Back to life and Good bye

So this is my final blog post. I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog. It has been good for me to write and when I start scrapbooking all my pictures these posts will end up in the pages. I am settling back into life here. I have moved in with a friend - will soon start looking for my own place (if you know of a good one bedroom preferably in the West End let me know), I bought a car and worked a few days at the hospital.

Life is back to normal, I guess, except I am not the same. I picked up a little bit of Kenyan culture and my friend looks at me funny when I say sorry, even when it is not my fault - very Kenyan. I have been tempted to say Kenyan phrases like si jooey, and Sawa sawa (not sure about the spelling) for I don't know and ok. Working at the hospital is just like before, in some ways it seems like I never left. Except when I was at a ventilator in-service and I learned that the vent has a back up battery - good, I thought, then when the power goes out we don't have to bag. Then I remembered I am back in Canada and the power at the hospital (almost) never goes out. It also is strange what is normal to me now. I was talking to the staff here and saying that in Tenwek we would often have two babies (occasionally three) in the same warmer - they thought this was very strange, to me this seems perfectly normal. I am also getting used to assessing white patients again - they are much easier because they change colour. It was very hard to see if a Kenyan was jaundiced, cyanotic, mottled etc. unlike white people who change colour.

It has been great to see my friends here again, and enjoy take out. However I miss Kenya, the people, the hospital, the weather etc. I wonder what God has in store for my future. There is a strong possibility that I will go back, probably longer. So I will look into the logistics of that. Those of you here, don't worry that I will be leaving again so soon. It will take at least a year or two for me to figure things out. For those of you in Kenya who wish I would come sooner - pole (Swahili for sorry). I hope you enjoyed this blog. Thanks to my editor for making this understandable. I am done blogging until I have more adventures at Tenwek. Anyone reading this who has questions about Tenwek or respiratory mission work feel free to e-mail me at . Thank you and goodbye.

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  1. Keep those eyes and ears open to His leading. Thanks for sharing your stories. May God guide you in these next few months as you sort through your feelings and memories. (Philippians 4)