Friday, December 21, 2012

Paradox - Merry Christmas and Good-Byes

I’m home in southern Alberta after being on the road for 8 weeks, and putting 12 000km on my car (It’s for sale if you’re interested).  It’s good to be home. I would say I have unpacked but really the last few days have been packing, repacking, unpacking, and piling more stuff on the floor.  Trying to pack 2 years worth of medical equipment, clothing, books and random personal stuff in 3 - 23kg suitcases is a challenge.

Aside from packing, I have been enjoying the Christmas season, I’m looking forward to spending time with family, playing games, going to movies, and enjoying good food. Throughout these good times, I’m also sad as this will be the last time for a while that I can do these same things with my family. Throughout this happiness is sadness. It’s a paradox.

Paradox was one of the topics covered in my missionary training  course. When they taught this to the kids they said pair of ducks, as that what paradox said slowly sounds like. So the kids had the "happy yay duck" and the "unhappy yuck duck". Many times both the Yay duck and the Yuck duck are in our lives. I am glad to hear feeling this is normal.
Christmas YAY duck

Good-bye YUCK Duck
I have gotten used to living away from home the last few weeks – Packing and unpacking every few days I am looking forward to settling in to my new home in Kenya, however that home is still a few months away. Just so you know where I am at here is my itinerary:
Now-Dec 27 – Home at my parents in Alberta
Dec 27-Jan 4 – Visiting my Grandma in Holland with Mom and Dad.
Jan 4 – Feb 1 – Practicum in Nairobi, This is a requirement of the Kenya Society of Physiotherapists, I am still waiting for the details of it and I pray it all goes smoothly.
Feb 4-April 30 – Language school just outside of Nairobi – during this time I will be living with a Kenyan lady in her home, this will be a good experience for me and help me understand a little more of Kenyan culture
May 1 – I settle in to my new home at Tenwek and finally get to work.

I appreciate all your prayers as this settling continues, I am sure I will continue to experience many paradoxical emotions. I am excited for the next few months and I am excited to challenge myself with new learning – please remind me of this when I am complaining in a few months.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and A Blessed New Year.

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