Tuesday, March 5, 2013

4 weeks of language, election & a license

So I am supposed to be studying right now –making sure I know how all the noun classes work but I am taking a break as I think I got it down to make the word “this” the subject prefix doubles the vowel and starts with H, for “that” you change the last letter to an O. When doing the possessives I need to remember that a u sounds like a w and I sounds like a y – make sense?So that’s a window into my life the last 4 weeks trying to find the logic in a language that is logical but has so many parts, it is difficult to keep straight  and  trying to keep up with piles of flashcards.This is interspersed with phone calls home (calling friends and family is much more exciting than flashcards), running errands, making meals, washing clothes and visiting with my housemates. When I started I only had class from 8:30-12now its 8:30-3:00. I have really noticed the loss of 2 hours and have more studying to do as I learn more in class and conversation practice.

This week March 4-8 I do not have any class, as Kenya is having an election. The last election was not peaceful and classes are canceled so I can go to the safety of the home a long term missionary in Nairobi. Please join me in prayer that Kenyans will make wise decisions as they go to the poll, that violence is minimal and that I can take this week to work ahead in my Swahili lessons.

On a non-language related note I received good news last week. I received my licence from the Kenya Society of Physiotherapists. I was quite excited to receive this via e-mail and look forward to holding it in my hands next week. This licence has required quite a bit of work I made a special trip to Kenya last April to take the exam – oral and written. This past summer I wrote e-mails concerning the dates of my practicum (they wanted me to do it before October and I wanted to do it in January).  The practicum was done in January and it was four weeks in the hospital working as a physiotherapist – an interesting job for an RT. Since January I have made phone calls to attempt to expedite the paperwork I am glad it is done. I can now move forward with a work permit application, please pray that this will be a quick process.

My life has not been that exciting lately but I have a few pictures and I will end here with them. Just a note of warning the 2nd and last picture should not be viewed by those with a weak stomach.

A few of the teachers playing badminton during lunch break, apparently we are not too hard on them
My housemate injured his toe when a motorbike fell on it. This is the closest I have gotten to medicine the last few weeks as I do an occasional dressing change for him. the other day we had to do it outside so I would have light as the power was out, which is why the grass is the background of the picture.


  1. Good for you . Dad

  2. For the toe,follow moms home care orders. Cleanse with saline,apply adaptic, flamazine and gauze. Secure with roller gauze and tape. Change daily.

  3. Congratulations on getting your licence. I'm a Kenyan and I just moved back home from the U.S. I was an RRT in the U.S. and I'm planning on continuing the practice here. What steps did you take to be able to get your licence because I've been having problems figuring out what board of registration i'll be under...I guess physiotherapy?