Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Mystery Patient Part 2

So a few weeks ago I shared here on this blog about a mystery patient. I have been asked to share what we figured out with the patient. The truth is we figured out nothing. He remained in HDU(High Dependeny Unit - same as a step down ICU) for a few weeks with intermittent episodes of increased work of breathing and increased PaCo2- 105. In between the episodes he would have some signs of mildly increased work of breathing but was otherwise fine. He would walk around, eat, talk etc. We did a few blood gases during these periods and they were normal.

After doing this for many days with no diagnosis in sight and realizing that whatever the diagnosis was we probably could not treat it. With this knowledge in mind a discussion was held with him and his family and a decision was made to send him to the general ward and stop the bipap. A few days later he went home. He was off the bipap for about 5 days straight before he left and had no episodes. I don't know if God healed this young man or if he since he went home and he passed on. However, I do know that this man knows the Lord and whatever happens I will see him again whether here or in heaven.

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