Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Whose house is it anyway,

The other day I was walking home from work and saw the fellow who works for the neighbours walk into my house – I barely missed a step as I remembered I gave my extra key to the neighbours so they could use my washing machine – and he was doing their wash.

A few months ago I came home walked into my kitchen and found the 2 year old son of one of the missionaries in my kitchen; he looked at me as if to say “what are you doing here?”. The lady who watches with him was chatting with the lady who helps me out two days a week and so of course he came along.
Two weeks ago I had a friend and her two daughters stay with me and during the day we had about ten people using my home for a home base. They were part of a team of nursing students spending a few days at Tenwek.
Today while home for lunch J, the lady who helps me around the house is making stew for the group I am having for bible study tomorrow tonight. When I get home I will make a stirfry for some missionaries who are passing through, one of whom is sleeping in my bedroom.
As I am sitting here, I hear some talking outside of my door the guys from industrial have brought down a a cylinder of propane as mine ran out.
This Saturday my house is going to be invaded by 10-15 interns as we are having a pizza night. I have told them if they want pizza they must come early to help me make it – some of the guys groaned at this so I did give them the option of washing the dishes after, we will see how it goes.
So whose house is this, When I moved to Tenwek I requested not to have a roommate. I love having people around me but when you have a roommate you need to respect their space and their needs and the amount of busyness going on  this week is one thing to do to myself but something else to do to something else. Also I do need time alone and since my house is always so busy the times when it's great to be able to just spend a few moments alone.
So whose house is this – well it's God’s house. It’s a space I have been given to use, many people use their gifts and talents for many uses, but I think God has given me this wonderful space of my current home to share. To use/develop my gift of hospitality to his Glory.

My house from the front door, living room, and dining room, the bright lights are coming from the kitchen.

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