Thursday, December 25, 2014


So sorry, again, for taking a while to post. I had a friend come and visit in November it was great to have her be a part of life here in Kenya. You will read more about this in a future blog - this post is about December, just like everywhere else, December is a busy month here in Kenya. So rather than share by writing I thought I'd share via pictures.
I joined a few ladies for a quick trip to Nairobi to go to the Christmas craft fair. We also went out for a lovely dinner and I tried crocodile - it really tasted like chicken.

As soon as I got back to Tenwek it was off again with most of the long term missionaries for a time of meetings and Christmas celebrations. 

I got up early and saw the sun rise over Mount Kenya, it looks small but its about 175km away 

The youth did a play. It was entertaining, I was the director of this play. They did well.
On the way home we stopped to buy pineapple. This is what happens in this town when you slow down on the road with the window open.

I attended a party for this young man (the one with the garland) he has just completed a coming of age ceremony. I work with the smart looking lady in this photo. 

To celebrate Christmas with the interns I had 16 interns over for a Pizza night. 

I am still helping with the youth and in addition to Sunday afternoon get togethers, seen here, we also had a 4 day youth retreat, (Just during the day we sent them home in the evening)

As a Tenwek community we had a fun eveing of appetizers and some singing. Accordion in Kenya, who knew.

Christmas eve service singing by Candlelight

Christmas Carols in the hospital. 
So it was a busy month, on top of this was normal work at the Hospital I had some quiet weeks but the last week and a half leading up to Christmas has been busy with up to 8 patients on a ventilator. Hopefully things get better soon.

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