Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Sorry, it's been a while since I've written. Still trying to figure out what way is up. I am back in Canada. Moved back to Edmonton started work again. I am catching up with old friends and meeting babies and toddlers that were not born when I left. The first two weeks back were spent at my parents and they were busy. I had to sort through two years worth of mail, find a car and a cell phone, and get prepared for a new job. I also enjoyed some time with the family. We had a fun evening of bowling and pizza as well as lots of good conversations.
After two weeks at home I moved up to Edmonton. I am staying at a friend's place here. She moved out not long ago. I am thankful she left me a few things as I got rid of most of my things before I left. I am staying in relative comfort. I was  able to get a job at one of the hospitals here. A different hospital than before but similar work. I have settled into work, I am thankful that the transition to work has not been too hard. I was worried that I would try to do everything like I do at Tenwek but the hospital is full of well-trained staff so I don't feel a need to wear so many hats.
I am happy to be home in Canada but I am going through some reverse culture shock and still haven't figured out how to answer people's questions. The one that makes me the most crazy was "How was your trip?". If you were referring to my flight home the answer is "fine". If you are referring to the last 2+ years of my life. It wasn't a trip, it was my life. It wasn't a vacation, although I really loved it.
I also am a little confused by Canadian life. In Kenya, I expected things to take a while. That was just how it is there. Here in Canada, I am enjoying the conveniences but I now expect things to work and when they don't I get more frustrated than I should - if you work at Staples or Alberta Health and talked to me in the last few days - I am sorry.
Also very few of my t-shirts fit well anymore. Yes, I have gained a few pounds. I blame fast food. But that does not account for them being two inches shorter - when you have  lived with out a dryer for a few years you forget that putting them in the dryer will cause them to shrink. Well, too late now.
So that's what's been going on. For those of you asking what's next? - I hope to hear soon. In the middle of April, I made a trip to Ontario to meet/interview with a new mission organization. I should hear from them soon and then I will let you know. The plan now is to, the Lord willing, head back to Kenya early 2016. 
In Ontario with Mom and Aunts

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