Thursday, May 28, 2015

Big News, Moving forward

As I mentioned in my last post, I had traveled to Ontario to interview with a new mission organization. I am excited to share that  I have been accepted by the group, Reach Beyond. Reach Beyond,  formerly called HCJB, has been sending missionaries around the world for a long time. They started with mission radio stations in Ecuador and have since spread around the globe doing radio, health care and other ministries.

I am very excited about working with this great organization. I have had a few questions so I will try answer them here. 

Why the change? What about Samaritans Purse?
This is a change that I knew would probably have to happen for me to stay in missions long term. Samaritans Purse was great to work with, however, they do not send medical missionaries long term. Going long term requires more support like health insurance, retirement savings, and support of mental and spiritual well-being. These are things that Samaritans Purse was not able to offer me and Reach Beyond can. All that being said I was very happy with Samaritans Purse. 

Are you going to the same place now that your with a new group?
Yes, I am returning to Tenwek hospital in Kenya. The work God has me doing there is still not done.

Are you going to be paid now?
With Samaritans purse I did not receive a salary but got reimbursed for expenses. Now I will receive a monthly stipend which I will be required to allocate where needed.

So you still have to raise money?
YES. Reach Beyond functions like many mission organizations. I will need to raise funds to cover all my costs. This will need to be more than I raised last time as funding is needed for the things I mentioned above like health insurance. I ask that you prayerfully consider partnering with this.  Giving is easy to do just follow directions on the post below.  

So how long are you in Canada for?
I am planning to move back to Kenya to serve a term of 3-4 years in January 2016. I will not be released by Reach Beyond until 100% of the funds are raised or pledged, but I am hopeful that I will not be delayed. 

What are you doing until then?
I am living in Edmonton reconnecting with my church here, working close to full-time at the hospital, doing some online bible college courses (requirement of Reach Beyond), and most importantly catching up with family and friends. I would also like to connect with you, if you would like to hear more about the work God is doing in Kenya please let me know. I would love to meet with you, your family, your bible study or church. 

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