Saturday, November 28, 2015


So this post is a little trivial and a little serious. There are some questions as missionaries that may seem normal to the rest of the world but to me are much more complicated. Here is a sampling and some answers

When are you leaving? 
I have gotten this question frequently while on the road trip that finished a week or 2 ago. Do you mean leaving Ohio? Tennessee? Ontario? Or what ever place I am currently in or when am I leaving to go to home to Kenya. Asking when I am coming home is the same. Do you mean my Kenyan Home, my southern Alberta home, or my Edmonton home. Not easy.
So to answer this question: I will be in southern Alberta over Christmas, and say good-bye to Edmonton before then.
My flights to Kenya departs Jan 27. 

What is your Address?
See above. My home is multiple places. Why do you want my address? If it is for junk mail I will tell you I live in Africa and watch your baffled look. If you are a bank or someone who needs my address you get my parents place. If you want to visit me - it depends where do you want to visit me. If you're Amazon or sending me presents, it's wherever I will be next that charges the least shipping. 

What if you raise too much money?
I am now at 95% of needed funds, which is a huge blessing. Some of you may have been thinking of giving and wondering if you should still give. 
So this question is a little more serious. If too much money is raised - I do not get a raise, nor do I get a trip to Hawaii. What I do get is a little more financial security. My budget is in Canadian dollars, but when I am in Kenya I am spending Kenyan shillings and American Dollars. So with changing economies the amount needed for rent could change. Second if there are extra funds I have more with which to help others. Whether it be helping a patient with their hospital fees, buying bibles for youth group, helping the hospital with supplies or helping other missionaries who are short for a month - others will be helped by the money. Third 70% of my funds are pledged monthly or yearly. Peoples financial situations can change and I may lose supporters over the four years I am in Kenya. 
The decision to give and where to give is between you and God. There are many good causes out there so please pray about your giving.

How long are you going for?
I think it will be a long time until I live a "normal" life in Canada, maybe when I retire. As I am a missionary and funds are raised during my time in Canada. I will be back for a year in 4 years.The next 4 years will be in Kenya. However, I will be using my vacation time to fly to Canada to see family once or twice a year. So you may see me after I leave. 

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