Saturday, April 7, 2012


So as an interim post I though I would share some FAQ's with you

1. You have done your time why are you going back to Africa?

A.When I was a child I felt called to be a missionary this calling was lost to me when I got sucked into life (school, work, money) however this life was empty. Yes, I believe you can be a Christian living in North America, however I again felt the calling to do more. To share God's love to those who had not yet heard to serve those who are less fortunate and to heal the sick.

Time spent at the Baby Orphanage

2.Why Tenwek? Why not go somewhere else?

 A. There is more than one answer to this question, so in no particular order here they are: a few years ago when I started the search for a mission hospital to serve at I e-mailed many mission hospitals. Tenwek was the only one willing to take a Respiratory Therapist. Since they took the initial step I feel like I owe them.  I also have established a friendship with the community and understand how the hospital works. In leaving Tenwek I left a void best filled by an RT. God has given me the gift to fill this void and has called me to serve him to his purpose, to glorify God through the work being done at Tenwek.
My friend a Kenyan physician, who I orientated to the world of ventilators

3. Why two years?

A. My previous visit was 6 months which was much too short. Going for two years gives me an opportunity to go for language training, establish better patient care in the hospital, and get to know the people better. I have also said if you are going to go: go big or go home.
Two of the ICU nurses I worked with

4. Will you be paid this time?

A. My previous visit was funded out of pocket with the exception of a generous donation from my church. I was not paid. This time I will not be paid a salary however through funds raised through individual (yes like you) and churches all(dv) my expenses will be covered. Once(dv) I pass my exam I will receive the green light to start fundraising, and will share how to do that with you.

5. What have you been up to since coming back from Kenya?

A. Life, work and trying to figure out how to get back to Kenya. In August, I came to the conclusion that God was calling me back to Kenya. I then started the application process. This was unussually long for me as being a Canadian and an RT  made things overly complicated. Through a roundabout way I have ended up going through an arm of Samaritans Purse called World Medical Mission.
The Global Mission Health Conference in Kentucky, Nov 2011. 

6. What are you going to be doing until January of 2013?

A. Continue working to build up my savings. I will also be taking some misisonary training. I will be taking a week long course called Perspectives in May. In the fall I plan on attending 5 weeks of training in Colorado to  prepare me for living in a culture and learning a different language. I also will spend the next year raising support both prayer and financial.

I think that concludes the FAQ's portion of this post and coincidentally also updates you on everything.

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