Friday, April 20, 2012

Learning Patience

I have just returned from my meeting with the Kenya Society of Physiotherapists. In similar fashion to my exam (which I will tell you about later in this post) it involved waiting.  The interview started only an hour late. In the interview I was told that I had successfully passed my exam – Praise the Lord. However, the written exam will not be the only condition by which my application is judged.

The interview today was many questions concerning my knowledge and skills. They have promised to give me the final results, via e-mail, on Tuesday.  Needless to say, I hope the internet at Tenwek is working well on Tuesday.
Now that I have you caught up in what you really want to know I will share with you what else I have been doing.
On Wednesday, I had my written exam.  It was a very interesting experience. I arrived at the college at 8:30am as I had been told. When I met the examiner he said “you're early just sit and wait”. So I sat and waited. At 9:00am someone else came who was also writing the exam so together we sat, chatted and waited. The waiting lasted until 10:40am when he finally brought the exams in. He apologized for being late and gave the explanation that he had been finishing creating my exam.

The exam was, thankfully, a lot of what I expected it did have a few wild card questions that made no sense but as it was multiple choice chances were good, and apparently I passed.  There was one question which gave me a blood gas PaO2 40/ PaCO2 60 /pH 7.36/ HCO3-24, from this I was supposed to decide if the patient had aspirated or was hypoventilating. I found that quite hard, if I got a gas like this I would throw it out, as it is impossible aghh.   

I finished the first paper quickly (big surprise there) and then waited from 11:15-1:15 when I could finally write paper two, which was only 30 questions and 10 of those questions were also on paper one??? It was an interesting ordeal but it is finished.  At the end I felt confident of success but over the next few days I did have some anxiety about the results.  I thank you all for your prayers and support it encouraged me throughout the process.
Aside from writing exams and studying, I have enjoyed my time in Nairobi. I am staying at the Mayfield guesthouse. Everyone here shares meals together and I have spent time in the lounge getting to know the other guests. I have also spent some time with a friend in Nairobi which has been great fun.
Tomorrow (Saturday) morning I am off to Tenwek.  I am excited to see everyone there.  So the next post will be written from my future(dv) home of Tenwek.

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  1. The Bicarb was clearly a calculation error. It was a trick question! Thanks for the update, looking forward to hearing about Tenwek!