Thursday, July 19, 2012

What I've Been Up To

It’s been a little while since I have posted, so it's about time to share with you all. I am continuing to prepare for my departure in January, this has involved becoming homeless – not really I have moved in with a friend. The early weeks of June were busy sorting through my stuff – what do I need here in Canada now until I go, what do I hope to bring with me to Kenya but don’t need now – my textbooks and good paring knife made this pile, the third pile was things I don’t need but neither could I part with, my parents have been kind enough to store these items for me. The last pile, and a large pile it was, consisted of stuff I no longer need. It has been rather freeing to destuff my life and it will make things easier before my departure as I won’t have to do it then.
the Truck all packed up and ready to go, Happy Father's Day Dad

Preparation has also involved starting to raise support. I have sent out letters and have shared at my parent’s church. I pray that support raising will continue to go well, and that I will I have my total anticipated budget of $30 000, raised or committed to before I leave. If you would like to receive my newsletter (3-4/year) please e-mail me your address ( Thanks for those of you who have already supported me, if you haven’t yet but are interested just click the link on the side of the page.
I also have had some fun lately I’ve had 2 weddings to attend, neither of them here at home, this has given me a good excuse to get away and enjoy some of the beauty of God’s Creation. Here’s some pictures for you.
Arizona Wedding with my Tenwek Friends

Grand Canyon

Banff with my new roommate

Its summer, so hiking must lead to snow

My RT friends

This coming summer I am sure will go by quickly and before I know it I will be starting some missionary training courses in Ontario and Colorado. I will keep you posted. 

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