Friday, August 10, 2012

Fundraising update, and PLANTS

Blog posts while home in Canada are probably much less interesting than posts written from Kenyan soil, they are also harder to write, but I have an exciting fundraising update and I take off next week for a few weeks so it seems like a good time to share.

Fundraising has been going well. Back in May I sent out my very 1st prayer letter and prayer card, sharing the need with my community (If you never received one, and would like one, send an e-mail to I also shared at my parents' church and anticipate sharing at my own church this September  I have now received totals of where I am at and God has been good: 40% of my budget has been raised. Thank you to all of you that have contributed thus far. That being said, I still need 60% so your support is still needed, please contact me if you have any questions,

As I alluded to earlier in this post I am taking off Monday. I am going to Ontario for a course called PLANTS.

 While I love plants, the course is actually about language. Principles of Language Acquisition: Natural Techniques and Strategies. I will be spending two weeks in Toronto learning how to learn a language and  hopefully also spend some time actually learning Swahili. I am looking forward to learning some tricks that will make the three months of Language learning in Kenya, that I will do in January, a little easier.

The course also coincides with my Ontario relatives' family picnic every Labour day. I will be spending time  visiting family and camping in the Pineries. It has been a few years since I have seen many of my Ontario relatives and I look forward to reconnecting with many of them.

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  1. hallo

    goodluck and you know you are not going alone

    with love Jan and Yolanda