Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fundraising info and Good-byes

Those of you on facebook may have seen my most recent fundraising update - I am currently at 80% of needed funds. This is a definite blessing, praise the Lord.  Being close to my goal has raised a question: what if one raises too much money?

The answer to this is complex. My budget is based on estimates of what I think I will spend, based on numbers I received from Tenwek and what I spent last time. The budget is not set in stone and things, like my rent, are quoted in American dollars, if the American or Canadian economy changes and the dollars no longer line up, I will need additional funds. Prices in Kenya such as lodging, food and transportation could also change while I am there or since my last visit.
 That being said, if it looks like I will have too much money I have a few options. First -  all the monies raised go to Samaritan's Purse.  They reimburse me for expenses, and must approve all of them.  They would not reimburse me just because the money is there or because I feel like taking off to Hawaii. So given their approval here are a few options for extra money in no particular order:

~Using the funds for a trip to Burundi to work with some missionary doctors who I met at Tenwek. They are restarting a hospital there and I would love to go and help them out, by offering education and support, for a week or two. Burundi is close to Kenya and going from there would be an economical decision.

~Purchasing medical equipment that will be utilized by Tenwek.

~Help the community with contributions to local orphanages, needy patient fund etc.

~Keep the money in the account for my future work at Tenwek, if I intend to return after my first 2 years.

~Transfer the funds to other work the Samaritan's Purse is doing.

So there are plenty of good reasons for you to continue giving, if you feel called, as funds will not go to waste.

I have also been asked how much Samaritan's Purse takes for administration expenses. When I proposed this question to my contact at Samaritan's Purse the answer is that they will not charge any fees or percentages for their administration costs. These are recouped through their general fundraising drives.

On a completely separate note I have started saying good-byes, I only have a little less then a week before I head south. So I am saying good bye to Edmonton, the city I will not miss, it is a city. When I say I'm saying good-bye to Edmonton I mean the people here. My friends, co-workers (most of whom are also friends), and church family. It is crazy when I think that it will be years before I see all these people again. I will miss weddings, and babies more that I will miss time together, fun laughs and conversations at the end of a long night shift, it seems the most serious and/or hilarious conversations take place at this time.

So if you live in Edmonton, good-bye, I love ya and will miss ya. Come find me in the next week for a hug. And remember e-mail works (most of the time) in Kenya too. And if you ever find yourself in Kenya, spend a day or a week with me at Tenwek.

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