Thursday, October 4, 2012

Much to be Thankful For

It’s almost thanksgiving, wow, time flies. Back in the spring when I was accepted by Samaritan’s purse to go to Kenya I looked at the long list of things to do before my departure in January. Much of this list has been checked off, however, I keep adding to it so it does not seem to get any shorter and the time to complete my tasks keeps passing by. I am very excited for the next step and that next step will be hitting the road.
The end of October I will be resigning from my permanent position at the Misericordia. This same job that I was so excited to get upon graduation in 2008 I am walking away from. I am sad to say good-bye to my friends, a familiar work environment, knowing what to (mostly) expect when I  get to work each day and my paycheck. I am trading this in for new friends, a different work environment and day to day work full of new surprises – will there be oxygen coming out of the wall today? Will my equipment work? Will anyone show up for the lecture I prepared?
As I mentioned earlier I am hitting the road, early November my roadtrip begins. I am heading south, to visit family and friends. I start out with a visit with my brother in Iowa and then head to the Global Mission Health conference in Kentucky. This is a great place to network with medical missionaries – past, present and future. From Kenutky I have some time, 2 weeks until I must be in Colorado for a 3 week mission training course, so I will spend time with friends who I met previously in Tenwek. Here is a map of my proposed trip

you can see it in more detail here (
Between points "D" and "I", my timing is a little flexible, so if you live anywhere along here and think I should stop by send me an e-mail. If you live along one of the long stretches I may be looking for a place to spend the night so if you live there and have some couch space for me let me know. 

I am thankful for this opportunity to spend time with my family and friends. I met these friends during my time in Kenya in 2011 and we experienced a lot together and I hope this friendship will be able to withstand the test of time.

As its thanksgiving I will end this post with a list of things I am thankful for:
  • Donations received by Samaritans Purse as of Oct 1, 60% of my funds are raised
  • Family who are supportive despite the fact I am moving to another continent
  • God who has given me Salvation and guidance
  • Friends who are excited for me and listen to the same stories over and over again
  • a great job that has given me flexibility and funds over the past year
  • a place to live with a great friend 
  • the time to travel to see friends and family

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