Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My December

So this past month has been hectic and Christmas snuck up on me. To share what I have been up to here’s what I did each week of December.

Week 1 – Spent time in Lodwar with friends as I posted about previously. Got back to work on Friday left again on Saturday for another wedding.

Week 2 –I spent the weekend in Kericho. Monday morning, after the wedding, I headed to Turi, a boarding school that WGM has their annual Christmas meetings. As the meetings do not pertain to me I spent time supervising the children, getting a sunburn, and dealing with a GI bug that prevented me from enjoying some of the wonderful food at Turi. I got back to Tenwek Wednesday night, and worked Thursday and Friday.
Christmas Concert at Turi

Week 3- Worked Monday to Wednesday and hosted youth conference Thursday and Friday. As there was a Doctors/Nurses strike at all the Government hospitals the hospital was crazy busy,meaning I was the only leader aside from the speaker at the conference with 20 youth. By the end of day one, I was exhausted.  I was a little more prepared for day 2 so it went better. Saturday I was supposed to accompany the same youth to an orphanage for a Christmas visit but my pager went off at 3am and I worked till 8am, so I left the youth in the capable hands of one of the other leaders who had the weekend off from the hospital.
Playing games with the youth
Week 4- I worked Monday morning running home to pack in the afternoon as my new house was ready and I could move in. I dragged suitcases down the sidewalk dumped them out in my new place and go back to refill them. I then took a break to join the other missionaries carolling at the hospital – which is packed as there is still a strike going on. After caroling we enjoyed snacks and fellowship with fellow missionaries. I then recruited the children to help carry my suitcases to my new place – moving is done, now to unpack. Tuesday I worked at the hospital and escaped home every once in a while to unpack and get settled. It was Christmas Eve - when did that happen?  I enjoyed the evening with some of the interns and residents as we all watched a movie. A perfect unwind after a crazy day, or month.  Wednesday – Christmas Day I enjoyed food and fellowship with some fellow missionaries. 
Christmas dinner ready to go.
I was very thankful to be included in their celebrations. Thursday – finally a day off, as boxing day is also a Kenyan holiday – which confuses all the Americans. Anyway, I was able to unpack some more and get settled in my new place which will be home for the next 15 months. Friday was another busy day at work with the ER department literally overflowing with patients, thankfully the strike is over and the other hospitals are returning to work so things should hopefully settle down.
So now it’s the end of December, where did the time go? I now have a few days to get settled into my place before some friends come. I am excited to show them my life here as well as spend some time with them and go on a safari. Life just keeps on going.

Happy New Year.

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