Sunday, January 19, 2014


I have now been in Kenya for over a year it has been over a year since I have seen my family but I just had a visit from some great friends. I have known Janelle, Kayla and Nella since 2005 when we all went to NAIT and studied Respiratory Therapy together. Through the years we have remained great friends and are the type of friends who due to work, travel, and just general busyness we may go a while without all being together but when we get together again we pick up right where we left off.
Time here with the ladies was fun. Janelle and Nella had an extra adventure getting here as their flights were delayed and then baggage trouble but I was so glad when they all made it to Tenwek. There was an invasion of Canadians and RT's at the hospital as we were able to work all together for a few days. It was fun to have other RT’s to bounce ideas off of. The extra hands also came in handy one morning as we had a power outage for ~30 min and each RT could take an area ICU, HDU, RR and breathe for the patients by squeezing the bag until the ventilators worked again. It was a crash course in how to use the Servo 900C for Janelle; you will have to ask her how it went.
With the extra RT’s at the hospital we did some additional teaching for the nurses and doctors and were able to sort through the equipment rooms in ICU and HDU. Throwing out old/unusable supplies and making the routinely used supplies easier to find.
Nella organizing,

So many little pieces

No time in Kenya is complete without Chai

Creating some tasty food. 

More Chai

The Canadian RT invasion

A trip to Kenya is not really complete without enjoying the beautiful animals that God has placed here so the 4 of us went on a 2 day safari to Maasai Mara. This was a wonderful time. While there I realized this is probably the first time in a year where I did not feel stressed. I am not saying I am stressed out all the time here but living in a culture that is not your own it is sometimes difficult to completely relax. Times when I have gone away to Nairobi or my travels to visit friends I have always had things to do or not been able to completely relax. To be a tourist in a place where I did not have to worry about food, transport, or what language I was speaking was a wonderful vacation. Never mind the wonderful food we ate and the amazing animals and just beauty of the Mara.
Rather than go into more details I will end here with some pictures of the awesomeness.
How close have you been to a Rhino?


Just me and  some Cheetahs 

I love giraffes

God paints a beautiful picture every evening. 

Lovely ladies

A baby Elephant was one of the highlights of the safari

One last beautiful sunset. 

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